Tuesday, August 20, 2013

BullyProof Vest Busts Bullies for School and Life!

Given enough time, pretty much everyone is going to have to deal with bullying behavior.  Bullying left unchecked can leave lasting emotional, mental and even physical scars that can influence an individual for life.  
A program developed by a bodyguard trainer and martial arts Master is offering hope to thousands of men, women and children who are being bullied.  It is called John Nottingham's BULLYPROOF VEST.  Flying in the face of conventional advice of "Just ignore it", "Walk away" or "Tell a teacher", BullyProof Vest employs a security protocol that identifies the type of bullying, helps the target develop a plan and protects them instantly as well as in the future.

John Nottingham's BullyProof Vest Features:

  • Resilience factors "How Not To Be Selected as a Target for Bullying"
  • Recognition techniques to identify the type of bullying to select the optimal solution
  • Verbal Judo for effective comeback lines that preserve one's dignity
  • Tools, data and resources to get the help needed
  • Hope to those who feel hopeless in a bullying situation

John Nottingham's Bully Busting Process 

1. Make friends.  Peace before punches if at all possible.  Use the Golden Rule, humor, deflection, change the frame of how you see the situation if it can help.  Kindness, compassion and forgiveness, can often kill cruelty if properly applied.
2. Communicate with confidence.  Learn to set boundaries with verbal, tonal and body language cues and get needs met in a healthy manner.
3. Avoid bullying set ups and dangerous situations that could lead to bullying abuse.  Learn where, when and why bullying can take place to be able to thwart it.
4. Set firm boundary by setting a line.  Learn assertion competence to set healthy boundaries and set the stage for protecting yourself.
5. Protect yourself. Nobody has the right to abuse you.  Your safety is more important that other people's feelings.
The training program delves deeper into each category of this peace process.  It has proven itself effective time and time again for nearly thirty years. For more information about John Nottingham or his security or protective programs contact BullyProofVestAZ@gmail.com