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Bullied? I'll Help You End Bullying By Using Bodyguard Techniques.

Bodyguard Help For Bullied Kids and Teens 
Bullies, Bullying and The Bullied
A bodyguard, law enforcement and military trainer and shares practical advice and solutions to end bullying.  Free scholarships to bullying prevention workshops and Bullying Specialist centers.

Being the target of bullying sucks.  I know.  I put up with it for years and will never forget the pain, frustration, confusion, and feeling of being trapped.  It got to the point that I hated going to school or anywhere that would put me back in that horrible position of being bullied.

Bullied?      I'll Teach You How To Fight Bullying The Smart Way
I feel for you.  What if there were a way to make it stop and feel good about yourself again?  What if I could show you how to change how people see you and treat you?  I can.  I'll show you the same steps I took to end bullying in my life.  I've done it for thousands of other kids, teens and even adults.

The Bullying Can End 
It works and I'll show you how.  The only thing that I ask is that you promise to play full out and give 100% to this process.  That means you aren't going to hurt yourself or seek revenge on those who are being mean to you.  You can't bail out when it gets a little rough or scary.  There are no guarantees that this will work perfectly but I've helped thousands of others just like you and haven't failed yet (Thank God.).  I'm going to be your partner, your friend and adviser bodyguard. (Since I can't be there to personally protect you, you'll have to be a good student and be ready to use your mind and do some training.  Don't worry, its not impossible, you can do it and maybe even have fun in the process.)

This Bullying Prevention Method Works
It will work and the steps are simple, but it wont be easy.  If someone tells you that it will be easy, they are lying to you.  Those are probably the same people who told you they would help and haven't.  What I will say is that it is easier than getting picked on everyday.  It is easier than feeling like crap inside and sick to your stomach from fear and anxiety.  You can do this and I'll help.

Your first step is to contact me at info@usa-martialarts.com and read up a bit on me to know who is your new friend and in your corner http://JohnNottingham.com.  I am going to be your friend and guide. You'll work with me directly - anonymously if you must.  You just have to be honest so that I can help you.  I'll need to know your situation and what is going on.
Tell me:

  • What is going on and a bit about yourself (age range and a nick name you want me to call you is fine - don't give detailed personal information to anyone online.)
  • How long has it been going on?
  • What you've tried to do to stop the bullying?
  • Who is picking on you?
  • Why you think they are bullying you?
  • Whom you have told and asked for help?
  • Your written promise not to harm yourself or seek revenge on those bullying you (I only train good people who need help.) Example: "I promise not to harm myself or seek revenge on those bullying me.  I will follow the steps and do the practice. Signed, your new friend: Joshua"

Free Bullying Help  
Right away I'll send you a guide, an audio interview and some links to get immediate access to bullying prevention tips that work.  These won't be things your teacher will tell you.  These are based on the same techniques and strategies I teach bodyguards, law enforcement and military to use to save lives.  I have thousands of students who have used this techniques over the last 26 years and you can too!  I'm confident that I can help you but I need make sure so email me your situation (You can even create an alias and separate email account to protect your identity and keep things confidential.) .  I look forward to helping you.  I'll be your BullyProof coach and help you earn a BullyProof Vest.  Take heart and have hope.  You are far more powerful and valuable than you can imagine.

With respect and optimism,

John Nottingham
Bullying Prevention Initiative International | Arizona Phoenix Bullying Prevention Project
USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing
Nottingham Sword & Shield Security Bodyguards

PS Even if you're not in Arizona, I will still help you.  I have friends and resources all over the US, Canada and even Korea and China.  I'll find a way to help if I can.  There is hope and you're worth fighting for.

Practical Bully Prevention and Victim Proof Training

“How To Make Sure Your Child Doesn't Get Bullied, Harassed, Teased or Picked On.”

March 13, 2011

How To Protect Yourself From Bullying – Unconventional Bullying Advice

Former Soldier, Bodyguard Trainer and Martial Arts Master Shares His 5 Step Program That Will Boost Your Child’s Confidence, Instill Inner-Strength, a Positive Attitude & Arm Them the Practical Tools to Protect Themselves from Bullying, Harassment and Teasing

Dear Arizona Parent:

Did You Know:

• Bullying is the #1 cause of school children’s absenteeism in the U.S.A.
• Bullying has been linked to higher rates of teen depression and suicide.
• Rigby (2002), who is a respected researcher on the topic of bullying, nationally and internationally, states:
• “Bullying involves a desire to hurt + hurtful action + a power imbalance + (typically) repetition + an unjust use of power + evident enjoyment by the aggressor and generally a sense of being oppressed on the part of the victim.” (p 51)
• Every day, 160,000 students skip school because they fear being bullied, according to the PACER Center, a parent training and information center for families of children. According to the National Association of School Psychologists,
• 1 in 7 schoolchildren is a bully or victim
• Bullying affects 5 million school children in U.S.
You may be thinking to yourself, “Do I know the techniques, tools and strategies to help my child confront today’s bullying dangers?
Don’t worry – there IS a solution – but before I get to it, let me tell you a story about a boy who was the target of a bully and how it changed his life forever…


• His father told him to punch the bully right in the nose to “teach him a lesson”.
• His mother told him to just walk away.
• His teachers never knew about it because the bullying took place out of their sight, and often off school grounds, on the way to or from school.
He didn’t want to tell on the bullying kid because he would feel weak, like a sissy, only inviting more trouble.
He was afraid of getting in trouble for fighting, calling attention to his problem. But far more than that was the pain of keeping the secret. The secret was that he was scared, frustrated and felt trapped. That anger turned inward turned into feeling depressed as the bullying kept up over time.
But that all changed. He found a way:
• To stand tall, walk proud and keep his dignity
• Stand up to the bully
• To defeat a bully without fighting
In fact, he earned the respect of the bully and his classmates
Most importantly, he felt better about himself
Plus he used the lesson many more times in the future


Yes, as you probably guessed, that boy was me. Today I use those experiences to relate to other kids facing bullying in their lives. You see, I’ve helped thousands of children find their inner strength, their voice and successfully learn how to deal with bullying, conflicts and the most dangerous situations.

My name is John Nottingham and I am a 6th Degree Black Belt in the Martial Arts. I’ve trained in China, Korea and all over the world with some of the best of the best. I was in the Army Airborne and taught some of the roughest, toughest heroes in the world hand-to-hand, hand-to-weapon military combatives while serving in a Special Forces reserve unit.

Today I own a Executive Bodyguard Security and Training Company, and an award winning Martial Arts school. Over the past twenty five plus years, I have helped thousands of people from all walks of life discover their inner strength and stand up for themselves in every aspect of their lives.

From children who were getting tormented school to women feeling trapped in unhealthy relationships; from employees being mistreated by their bosses to Police and Security who have to use their skills daily on the streets. Not standing up for yourself from bullying can be just like a toxin that attacks your self concept and destroys dreams, hope and goals from the inside out.

I’ve developed a 5 step program to help you:
1. Build your child’s self esteem
2. Learn to handle unfair aggression
3. Flip the balance of power
4. Learn what to say and do and when to do it
5. Know how to spot a “bullying set up” well in advance so you can avoid it

This unique method is not one of those ineffective “Ivory Tower” programs you’ll see from educational institutions. The schools that have had us there see the results because it works. Our Bullying Prevention Program isn’t theory or idealistic wishes. We give you hard-hitting tools, some of them the same strategies we teach to bodyguards who protect VIPs and celebrities! We’ll we think you are a VIP and are worth protecting.

To cut through the bullying dilema The Arizona Bullying Intervention Initiative – AZ Children’s Bully Prevention Project is working with Nottingham Sword and Shield Security and USA Martial Arts Phoenix to offer a series of bullying solutions – Victim-Bully Proof Workshops. Free Bully Prevention “5 Step How to Handle a Bully Without Fighting” training is being sponsored FREE to all Arizona Children.
What: How to Handle a Bully Without Fighting
When: 5-6pm Wednesdays during the month of March
Where: at USA Martial Arts Phoenix Tatum/Greenway Albertsons center
How much: Fully sponsored by Nottingham Sword & Shield Security, ScottsdaleBodyguard.com, KidsLoveMartialArtsPhoenix.com and USA Martial Arts Phoenix
How: Contact info@usa-martialarts.com or call (602) 896-8721 to register. Limited space available.

BULLY PROOF VEST by John Nottingham, USA Martial Arts, The Arizona Bullying Prevention Project.
The only bullying prevention program designed by protection professionals.

The Arizona Bullying Intervention Initiative | AZ Bully Prevention Projecthttp://bullyproofingarizona.blogspot.com/
4731 e. Greenway road suite 9 phoenix, arizona 85032
Telephone (602) 896-8721
USA Martial Arts Phoenix
Nottingham Sword & Shield Security Bodyguards

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Not Anti-Bully - BullyProof ! The Bullying Prevention Program for the Underdog

Bullying Prevention for The Underdog Kid
Humble, lovable shoeshine boy was actually UNDERDOG. If your child is a kindhearted kid who follows the rules and has a sensitive disposition, then school, camp and life can be a rough place. The definition of underdog usually describes a participant in a fight, conflict, or game who is not expected to win.  If your child feels like this when facing aggressive behavior, bullying, insults, teasing or getting picked on then this is your answer.

"Teaching Kids How to NOT Be a Victim!"

Does Your Child Sometimes Feel Like a Bullied Underdog?
The good news is that a new program gives nice kids the tools to stand up to bullying the smart way - without fighting or getting into trouble. The Arizona Bullying Intervention Initiative - The Phoenix Bullying Prevention Project helps BULLYPROOF nice kids and prepare them for those unpleasant encounters with bullying.

This program teaches children how to:
  • Stand tall and not be afraid
  • Know what to do with bullying
  • Know when to take action against bullying
  • Know how to deal with bullying, rudeness, harassment and torment
  • Earn the respect of peers
  • Win friends and change other people's perceptions
  • Live fearlessly with peace of mind
If these are skills you want your child to have then you need to contact John Nottingham at the The Arizona Bullying Intervention Initiative - The Phoenix Bullying Prevention Project without delay.

Bullying Specialist John Nottingham has brought together his best resources from his Bodyguard Security company and USA Martial Arts schools to offer free bullying prevention training to children free of charge.

What you will get:
  1. A free Bullying Prevention Training Course - How To Defeat Bullying The Smart Way
  2. A free How To Deal With Bullying Guide and Parent's Guide to Bullies, Bullying and Bad Behavior
  3. A free Audio BullyBusters Interview answering tough questions on Bullying

Contact info@usa-martialarts.com to register without delay.

http://KidsLoveMartialArtsPhoenix.com Kids Martial Arts Webspecial

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Bust a Bully - Use The 5 F's To Make Yourself Bully Proof

Bully Busters Anti-Bully
 Radio Interview http://Phoenix-MartialArts.com/blog

The 5 F's For Teens Fighting Back Against Bullying_____________
Five Techniques for How To Handle Bullying 
by John Nottingham, founder Arizona Bullying Prevention Initiative -The Phoenix BullyProof Project | USAMartial Arts Phoenix 

Here are some fundamental skills and strategies for the initial stages of handling bullying or aggressively rude behavior.  How you handle the little things can sometimes go a long way in derailing future abuse and bullying targeting.

1. Friend
One of the most powerful ways to handle bullying is to master the art of making friends. Treat others the way you want to be treated, even when they may not be so nice.  The old saying goes, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."  This can be a great way to resolve issues with aggression in the early stages.  Of course, if it has gone beyond this level, you may have to resort to other options but making friends is a very powerful skill to thwart bullying.

Verbal Judo Comeback Line: "Whoah, stop. If a teacher hears you talking like that you'll be in a lot of trouble and I don't want to see that. So let's just be friends and chill." (Adapt to age appropriate vernacular and language you are comfortable with.)   
STOP BULLYING TIP:  Remember: it's not just what you say, it's how you say it so body language, tone and delivery are critical to making it work.  Stand tall, square shoulders, maintain direct eye contact, raise chin slightly and end with a smile.  Speak with a calm, confident tone as if you are a compassionate, powerful leader.
Be a friend and speak up for others as well.  Win more friends and they might also speak up for you when needed.  The person with the most friends usually wins.  Seek common ground and learn to respect differences and others right to his or her own opinion.

To fight fire, be water.  That doesn't mean it is your fault or that you are weaker. It means that peace in the long term is more important to you than winning a short term battle.  Kindness kills cruelty and bullying sometimes and should be a first line of defense.  Look for ways to earn respect, show your strengths and be helpful and understanding of others needs and goals.  At the same time, remember that nobody has the right to injure you.  Kindness does not mean weakness - instead it is a strength found in leaders and difference makers.  

2. Forget
Forget about reacting emotionally to bullying taunts or tests.  Most bullying behavior is just testing different people to see who reacts.  Be quick to forget insults, comments, flaws and issues.  Think of it as a trap and you don't have to take the bait.

If you can learn to forgive people and have empathy for them, it can go a long way in helping you think more clearly about your responses and the kind of person you want to be.  By not reacting emotionally to a situation, you can plan and even practice your responses to handle things better.  By starving the person of a reaction, you can very often stop ongoing bullying behavior.

Be quick to forget other people's rudeness and even cruel remarks.  Think of it as a gift that you do not have to receive.  "Thanks for the thought, but no thanks - I won't accept."  Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, even you. The most important opinion you have is the one about yourself.  

Forget about revenge because that usually makes things worse.  Instead be so busy working on improving yourself that you don't have time to worry about the other stuff as much.  
Forget feeling alone, helpless or forever stuck... that's a lie that will only hurt you.  Instead reach out for help and keep asking until you get it. You are worth it.

3. Forgive 
Have empathy for the other person and understand that we all make mistakes and do things we wish we hadn't.  If you can be quick to forgive and show kindness, it can go a long way in showing your inner strength and earning respect.  They may not like you, but when you can be a rock in a storm, it earns the respect of others.
Remember also that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself that facilitates healing and releases you from being stuck in the pain.  With forgiveness, you can begin to move forward intelligently.  It can really help to talk to a counselor or trusted advisory to do this work.  
Also remember that to forgive is not to forget.  Take the lessons you learned from the situation and apply it for future use. 

4. Funny
Humor is one of your most powerful allies.  A clever comeback line can win over a crowd, distract someone bullying and even help you make friends.  It is a power that most people admire and want to have.  Humor has the power to heal and help awkward situations.  Humor is a great tool that you can use by practicing bullying comeback lines.  Just make sure that the humor is not at the expense of the other person or you could make things worse.  The goal with using humor to combat bullying is to make it better.
Remember also to take your safety seriously but never yourself too seriously.  Learn to laugh at yourself a bit and celebrate what makes us all human in our shared experiences.  Showing you can laugh at yourself is also a sign of strength that others admire. It does not have to be at the expense of your dignity and can be quite disarming to bullying behavior.
Being funny is also a deflector that shifts bullying energy away from you and can buy you time to get help or get to safety.

5.  Frame
One of my favorite sayings is,"You may not be able to change the wind but you can adjust your sails."  Sometimes bad things happen.  When they do we are faced with a choice to let that define us in a negative way or turn it into something powerful and positive.  Be willing to get and accept the help you need to re-frame your experiences into lessons you can use. Maybe you can focus on what you are grateful for and how you can help others with what you learned.  Good things can come from bad situations if we choose to make it so.  
Anthony Robbins puts it this way, "“Fairness is an illusion. ... , “Some people are buried in an avalanche and others ski."  You give meaning to your life experiences through the stories that you tell yourself.   That doesn't make it all your fault or mean that you are alone, just the opposite, it is just one way to let you know you don't have to stay a victim of circumstances and you are worth fighting for.  It can get better and if you look hard enough, you'll find plenty of people willing to help you.

Sometimes middle school aged children and even grade school children can learn how to use some of these tools with the guidance of a caring counselor, parent, coach or mentor.  However, these concepts take a bit more maturity to grasp and implement so it depends on the individual and his or her development.

Visit Bullying Prevention Initiative International - Bullying Prevention World
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How To Stink at Being Bullied - Bodyguard Tips for Handling Bullies

How To Stink at Being Bullied...
A Bodyguard Trainer and Martial Arts Master Reveals 8 Secrets to Stink at Being a Bully's Target

It really stinks to be bullied.  But bullying back is the last thing you want to do.  Fighting isn't the answer either because that just makes you a bigger bully and it causes more problems than it solves.

Here are some tips to avoid being a good target for bullying.  Be a BAD target for a bully.  In the bodyguard world, we call this being a hard target.  That is, a difficult to get to and attack target.

1. Avoid trouble people.  Listen, watch and pay attention to situations so you can learn how to avoid trouble.

2. Avoid problem spots.  Change routes, times and places.

"The best block... Don't be there!" -Martial Arts Maxim

3. Travel in groups.  You have power in numbers - especially if they are your friends.

4. Have a great sense of humor.  Humor is disarming and can deflect lots of negative attacks and earn the respect of would be harassers and bullies.   Just make sure your humor isn't antagonistic or it could escalate the situation and make it worse.  Make it funny for the person bullying and you may have won a friend.

Bully comeback line:
Bully: "Your hair looks stupid."   
Answer: "Great, I'm joining a bad hair contest so I should win! Sweeeet!"

5. Carry yourself with calm confidence and do not react to bullying taunts with anything that could be perceived as weakness.  Even shouting a strong, "STOP!" or "NO! That's not cool." might work.  Make sure your body language, tone, eye-contact and word choice project strength.

Verbal Judo Bully Comeback Line:
"If a teacher hears you talking like that you'll be in serious trouble.  I don't want that so lets just be friends."

6. Tell right away if you are having trouble and they are continuing to target you.  Tell until you get the help you need but don't think that will perfectly fix the situation.  Keep your mental, emotional and physical guard up.  You're worth defending and protecting.

7.  Be friendly back.  Sometimes kindness kills rudeness.  Be a friend until the point when you can't.  Then it's time to tell.  Remember that there is a difference between telling and tattling.  Telling is meant to help someone.  Tattling is meant to get back at someone and is just another form of bullying.  Tattling usually makes things worse.  Plus less people will believe you.  Telling the right people will make things better.  Tell your parents, teachers, friends and trusted adults like a coach.

8. Join martial arts and be so busy working on yourself and building your confidence that you don't have time to worry about the other junk.  Plus you will learn good skills for carrying yourself with inner-strength, social skills to make good friends, and practical self defense.  Nothing beats bullying like a Black Belt... nothing.

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Tips To Fight Bullies - Anti-Bullying Help

USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix
Offers Free Bullying Prevention Workshop
and Scholarship to Children Being Bullied

How To Stop Bullying
Anti-bully | Bullying Prevention

Four Tips to Fight Against Bullies!
Nobody likes to be picked on. Here are four tips for your child to use to fight against bullies.

What can you do when being bullied? 

First realize that there is a big difference between fighting and self defense.  When you think of fighting first, you are already headed for trouble.  Instead, physical self defense of blocking or stopping an attack is the last resort and only used after every other option has been exhausted.

Bullying is a broad term that is used by some to describe a wide variety of behaviors.  Most bullying is a power play that seeks a reaction, usually from someone who will respond like victim and play out a role.  If you refuse this role, often the person bullying will seek a different target.  They may test you again from time to time, but usually it ends if you show strength by not responding how they want, staying centered and calm or having a sense of humor.

Start by trying to be friends or just avoiding the situations that seem to go bad.  Stay away from the problem people or areas and try to change the situation if you can.  When that doesn't work, you're going to have to summon some inner-strength.  (That's why we recommend martial arts training for confidence. )  You can practice your comeback lines and body language with a friend, family or trusted person and really get into it to make it real.  But remember, it's not what you do, it is how you do it.  Make it real and be ready to back it up.

  • Speak up against bullying. Say something like, “stop it.”
  • Use Verbal Judo "Talking like that can get you into a lot of trouble and I don't want to see that happen. Let's be friends and keep it cool."
  • Don't react and leave. Act like you do not care, even if you really do.
  • Tell an adult you trust. They may have ideas about what you can do.
  • Stick together. Staying with a group might help.   

Become Your Own Bullying Bodyguard Role Play From Nottingham's BullyProof VestBullying Trap "You're Stupid!"Verbal Judo Bullying Comeback Line: "You Can Think Whatever You Want." 
Bullying Escalation "You're Such an Idiot!"
Verbal Judo Bullying Comeback Line: "You Offering To Tutor Me?" 

Refuse To Be a Bullying Victim!
Remember, it's not what you say but how you say it. Your response needs to be centered, strong and calm without showing that it can bother you. By keeping your cool and showing they can't bother you, then you keep the power. Refuse to be a victim. Practice your tone, body language and internal dialog (what you say to yourself.)The response should be deadpan and relaxed. Keep your cool and dignity.

Things to remember...

You are not alone.
It is not your fault. Bullying is wrong - but it happens!
Talk to someone you trust. Keep telling until you get help.
Do not hurt yourself.  It can and will get better.
Do not bully anyone else.  This attracts more problems and makes it worse.
Do not let the bully win by giving up. Keep doing what you love to do.
Build yourself up to be strong and prepared.  

For cyber-bullying, online bullying, texting bullies, or social media bullying try to document the evidence like a detective and turn it in to prove your point and get help.

For more information on bullying prevention or how to deal with a bully the smart way contact:

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Beat Bullies With Peaceful Martial Arts Moves

Phoenix Arizona Martial Arts Instructor John Nottingham is teaching his Karate Kids to Beat Bullying With Peaceful Martial Arts Moves.

Bullycide, Cyber-Bullying, Bully Revenge
The outcry has across the country and even around the world is about bullying.  The amount of attention bullying is receiving is unprecedented.  While school-wide programs are adopted and some clearly continue to fail students, a martial arts instructor and bodyguard trainer offers a different approach.

"When children are not given appropriate options, they resort to the only options they come up with....all too often horrific ones.  Instead, we advocate giving them peaceful martial arts moves to empower them to address bullying appropriately.  We have the moves and it can be taught.  The fears of increased liability are unfounded in my view.  in fact, it is just the opposite.  What is the liability socially, morally and legally for a child committing suicide or going on a school shooting rampage? What is the responsibility for a child going overboard and using excessive force on another child because they were pushed over the edge?  If we fail to read the signs, accept responsibility and reality, these are the consequences."

An Alternative Approach To Bullying Prevention
More and more research is coming in as schools implement bullying prevention programs.  The reviews are mixed but one thing John Nottingham can tell you is that he is seeing the kids and their parents who fall through the cracks and need practical help with bullying.

"I see the students and parents who schools have failed.  These parents are desperately seeking solid answers to their children's bullying problems.  We have answers that most schools simply fail to provide.", says Nottingham, founder of the Bullying Prevention Initiative International.

False Assumptions Lead to Failed Results in Stopping Bullying
Most schools operate under the false assumption that rules protect children.  While they certainly can help in the process of preventing bullying, policies and rules are only one aspect of the issue.  The real issue is the children and their self defense competence.

Bullying Fact: Over 85% of bullying goes unreported.

Here some things we do that are different about our bullying prevention methods:
How To Stop Bullying 
We address the full spectrum of self defense including:

  • How to avoid being selected as a bullying or crime target
  • Knowledge and warning signs of how  bullying behavior starts
  • How to avoid trouble spots, common bullying locations, set ups and recognize trouble behavior and situations
  • Actionable steps to divert a pathway to crime or bullying
  • Verbal Judo skills to thwart bullying or ward off an attack
  • Physical intervention options to peacefully resolve attacks without excessive force
  • The important elements of aftercare and protecting your body, mind and emotional health
  • The importance of speaking up for others and how to offer bullying first aid by being a friend, inclusive and showing empathy

  • "Which would you rather have.  Skills for children to know how to properly deter, discourage, or even pin and hold down a bully until help arrives or the alternative... becoming depressed and so desperate that they feel they have no alternative but to hurt themselves or go on a shooting spree.  We offer hope.  We can give them tools to get help and take positive action if needed that protects all children involved.  Physical intervention does not mean violence.  But it will if we don't provide them with alternatives.  We have to get past this ignorant, failed and ridiculous ideology.  Sometimes life calls for physical action options.  Better to know them and not need them, than need them and not know them." says Nottingham.

    Nottingham doesn't stop there.  His bullying prevention program also addresses:

    • Teacher Training and Parent Training to know how, when and what to listen for from children.  
    • Warning signs of bullying.  
    • How to know if it is continuing and why children will often conceal bullying.

    Maybe it is time to broaden our discussion and research on Bullying to include some more practical options. Nottingham says that peace is sometimes won in ways other than denial, abdication, posting signs, making more rules, laws, wishful thinking and reporting.

    To learn more about the Bullying Prevention Programs John endorses or his training organization and programs contact:

    Arizona Bullying Prevention Initiative The Phoenix Bully Proof Project FACEBOOK
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