Sunday, October 2, 2011

How To Defeat Your Bully Without Fighting - Using Brains Over Brawn!

Throughout the month of October, USA Martial Arts Phoenix will be conducting a series of Bully Prevention workshops titled, "How To Defeat Your Bully Without Fighting". It includes techniques from PI, Bodyguard trainer and Martial Arts Master John Nottingham's Bully Proof Vest curriculum. The Bully Proof Vest curriculum is a program he teaches at schools and to audiences across the country.

Nottingham, a former US Army Airborne veteran was once the target of bullying himself. Now he shares a program that gives parents, teachers and children peaceful and practical options for handling bullies.

"We are the only agency who has developed our curriculum over the past 26 years and taught over 10,000 men, women and children. Our concepts have been shared with thousands of schools, students, parents and teachers at our expense. We have included practical skills that include pre-incident strategies all the way to physical intervention and how not to get hurt when things get violent. Our program incorporates elements from Verbal Judo, Bodyguard protective security strategies, avoidance, prevention and deterrence skills. We've helped thousands of children successfully deal with bullies while keeping their dignity. Not many programs can claim that."

Nottingham points out one major flaw in other bullying programs is that when they teach a child to "just walk away" when things get physical, that well intentioned child takes a beating for the bad advice.
"Self defense is situational and has to fit the unique aspects of the conflict. Children can be trained to see the signs of physical aggression and know when and how they can protect themselves from harm. We teach simple, step by step options that are reasonable and responsible. It works - that much we know from experience."
  • School Yard Bullying
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Social Bullying
  • Mental and Emotional Bullying
  • Physical Bullying
We have proven answers to protect your child.

To reserve space for your child you must register by sending an email to: and provide your email. A representative will contact you for an appointment and additional information.

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