Friday, February 8, 2013

ABC's of Bullying Prevention Workshop for Children, Parents and Teachers in Phoenix Arizona USA

Free ABC's of Bullying Prevention Workshop in Phoenix for Children, Teachers and Parents
How To Defeat Bullying The Peaceful Way - Endorsed by the Bullying Prevention Initiative International and the Phoenix BullyProof Project

Arizona Family Protection and Self Defense Security specialist John Nottingham recently celebrated his birthday in a unique way; he taught a bullying prevention seminar.  Parents, teachers, and children were invited to attend a free workshop on Addressing Bullying in our Community or what Nottingham calls the ABC's of bullying prevention.

"Bullying has a simple solution - it's just not always easy to implement in a bureaucracy and given so much bad advice surrounding the issue.", says Nottingham.

In the workshop, participants learned Nottingham's Bullying Peace Process from his BullyProof Vest program that he's been teaching for 28 years.  He shared tips from his book Five Steps on How to Deal With Bullying Like a Bodyguard.  He even described the failed so called "anti-bully" policies, BULLY FREE zones, and

Bullying Prevention Tips:

  • Friendship beats fighting
  • Forgiveness and empathy encourage peace
  • Humor is like armor "BullyProof Vest"
  • The difference between telling and tattling
  • How to be a hero helper to someone else being bullied

Nottingham is no average Karate Sensei.  He is not only a 7th Degree Master Black Belt but owns a Security and Bodyguard training company that specializes in Family Protection and Advanced Threat Assessment.  His clients include Military, Law Enforcement, men, women and children of all ages.

For speaking, presentations or more information about John Nottingham or the bullying prevention programs, free bullying help resources or statistics, he can be reached at:

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