Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Anti-Bullying Speaker - No! Peace Education Speaker


Bullying Prevention Kick Off Assembly Speaker

Anti Bullying Speaker - No!  Peace Education Speaker
Bully-Proof / Victim-Proof Bullying Prevention Program has numerous positive benefits; one is the training the educators receive on how to be objective when they see bullying and what to do when students report bullying.

Finding a bully proof bullying prevention speaker who can engage students as well as educate them can be challenging.  Rather than lecturing them, John Nottingham involves them in an interactive experience that inspires, offers hope and gives children and teachers tools to make a difference.

Motivational school speaker John Nottingham has been educating students in bullying prevention assemblies for decades and has been engaged by many educational institutions and corporations that want practical tools for peace and character education.
His assemblies covers all the principles and concepts for BullyProofing kids and classrooms.
John's methods of entertainment, education and training keep kids hanging on his every word.  John's presentations emphasize proven methods to respond to bullying behavior (micro-aggression) and offer practical tools for handing situations peacefully.  We also offer ongoing training and consultation.
Training students how to report bullying behavior, rather than tattle, preserves the culture of the classroom, the dignity of the individuals and helps resolve the situation in a peaceful manner.  They become teachable moments that equip children with new skills and move everyone forward in constructive ways.  This bullying prevention peace training builds character and make it win-win for parents, teacher and students alike.
 Find out why so many parents and teachers recommend John Nottingham's BullyProof Vest and BullyProof-VictimProof program.
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