Tuesday, February 21, 2012

School Wide Bullying Prevention Programs Failing

Chances are that your children are being taught some form of anti-bullying or bullying prevention program in their school.  You may have been invited to a special school assembly, had a motivational speaker or fortunate enough to have an actual protector teach.  Most likely, you are seeing elements of the Olweus Bullying Prevention system or some similar academic approach.  But do they work?

Parents continue to bring their children to my martial arts school because they are frustrated with bullying problems with their child.  They are often exasperated, having gone to the school, spoke to the teachers, administration and cannot find a resolution.

I also am receiving more and more calls and emails about our bullying prevention programs and training methods from martial arts school owners, teachers and administrators frustrated with their current bullying prevention program results.

Read some of my thoughts and see current research on the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the school-wide bullying prevention programs in many school systems.

Common Anti-Bulling or Strategies to Prevent Bullying From School-Wide Bullying Prevention Programs

· Avoid bullies and where they hang out
· Act and look confident
· Be observant
· Tell your friends
· Tell many adults
· Be assertive
· Stay calm
· Keep a safe distance
· Walk away
· Say “Stop it!”
· Say “Leave me alone!”
· Say “Whatever!”
· Use humor
· Use “I messages” – “I do not like to be treated this way.”
· Travel in a group
· If you’re in danger, RUN

On the surface, this list, quite common to most anti-bullying rhetoric, looks good and helpful.  What is not revealed to you is what puts children at risk.  Do you see it?

Do you know why so many people are still having problems with bullying even after these anti-bullying programs are put into your child's school?

Learn more.  Listen to a free radio interview with Bullying Prevention Specialist John Nottingham

If you don't see the primary safety problem with the above information, I urge you right now to take action and visit our blogs.  We'll share with you how most anti-bullying and bullying prevention programs inadvertently miss the mark and unnecessarily put children at risk for being victims.  But don't worry, there is hope and we have proven strategies for dealing with bullying, harassment and aggressive behavior.  We've been doing it successfully for over twenty six years and can help you too.

In a short time, you will be able to easily spot the reason's those popular anti-bullying programs are failing children.  You can be part of the solution and give children hope.

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