Saturday, February 25, 2012

Was Your Child Bullied Today? Bullying Help Here...

Was Your Son or Daughter Bullied Today?
The pain of being bullied can have terrible long term consequences.  You are not alone.  Bullying is a common problem many children as well as adults face.  Bullying takes place at school, work, and even online.  We work with parents and children who are experiencing bullying to help them prevent, prepare and protect themselves from bullying.  

We have the answer:
  • Build Inner Strength
  • Know What To Say To Bullying
  • Know When To Act
  • Have Confidence To Stand Up, Speak Up and Stop Bullying
  • Have Peace of Mind


Listen to Our Director and Founder
John Nottingham Discuss the Anti-Bully Program on the
Outreach Today Radio Show

Bullying Prevention Resources and Links

Bullying Prevention Initiative International Facebook

Bullying Prevention World 

The Arizona Bullying Prevention Initiative Phoenix Bully Proof Project 
Bully Proofing Arizona

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