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Bullying Armor - Does Your Child Have a Bully Proof Vest?

The Proven Cure for Bullying - More Signs?

Bullies, Bullying, and Bully Behavior
There is a somewhat popular notion floating around these days about making bullying "go away".  To me this is akin wishing crime away or rudeness away.  These are realities of the world we live in.  I believe it important that we do not take a stroll down the yellow brick road of denial.  Nor should we delude ourselves into thinking we can put up "anti-bulling" signs that read "bully free zone" to magically protect children.

Bullying Is Part of Our World
Instead I suggest we acknowledge that life has risks.  Rude behavior and dangerous situations exist.  Therefore we need to prepare ourselves and our children with the tools and skills to detect, deter, de-escalate, diffuse and defend those situations.  It is a skill set that an individual can use throughout life.  Bullying behavior does not magically stop after childhood.  It is deeply ingrained in the human interaction.

Bullying Armor - The Bully Proof Vest - Defense With Dignity
Bullying Armor - The Bully Proof Vest program educates and equips children with the tools they need to build a good defense, safe habits and a healthy mindset.  That defense starts with telling them the truth about the world they live in.  It's not about scaring them or using anxiety creating fear to get them to be more aware.  Instead, it is giving them the inner strength, skills and tools to be prepared for the things they are likely to encounter, such as bullying.  This gives them a confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing you can handle difficult situations and retain your dignity.

Teachers, school administrators and parents can't be there at every moment of a child's life to protect them.  That means that children need to have skills to help protect themselves.  It is a fundamental human right.

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