Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Georges St. Pierre is the welterweight champion of the UFC...and he was once bullied.

Bullied?  Feeling Tired, Trapped and Alone About Bullying?  
Find Out What This UFC Champion Did About Being Bullied In School When He Was a Kid.

Georges St. Pierre is the welterweight champion of the UFC.  But little Georges St. Pierre was a brainy skinny kid who got picked on a lot.  In fact, in a recent interview GSP describes the pain and fear he experienced in his childhood due to school bullying.

Bullied Kid Becomes UFC Champion
Now considered one of the greatest pound for pound UFC fighters in history, Georges Rush St. Pierre is considered a martial arts fighter in his own class.  One of his most appreciated qualities from the traditional martial artists of the world is that he remains respectful in how he conducts himself.  GSP still wears a traditional Karate Gi into the ring with Black Belt, then he bows as a tribute of respect to the fans, judges and opponent.

GSP Fights Against Bullying
GSP is now using his worldwide UFC fame to speak out against bullying behavior.  He hopes his message will give children hope in seeing past their present situation to know that they have a bright future ahead.

UFC 129: St. Pierre vs. Shields
GSP is preparing to fight one of the most anticipated fights in UFC history as he faces WEC Champion Jake Shields at UFC 129 in Canada.

Read more about Georges St. Pierre and what he has to say on Bullies, Bullying and being Bullied in his childhood school years.  Karate turned it all around for GSP, maybe it can for you too.

GSP uses bully pulpit for noble cause

Georges St. Pierre is the welterweight champion of the UFC.

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