Friday, April 27, 2012

Is Your Child's School Teaching Any of These Failed Bullying Prevention Techniques?

If your child is being taught some of these flawed strategies for bullying prevention, you need to know about it.
These methods not only fail children, but often escalate the bullying situation, make it worse, cause your child to be less respected and augment their peer rejection.

Bullying Myth #1
Bad Bullying Advice:  "Just ignore it."

Bullying Myth #2
Bad Bullying Advice:  "Tell a teacher right away."

Bullying Myth #3
Bad Bullying Advice:  "Just walk away."

Bullying Myth #4
Bullying Mistake: "It's the other kids fault and he or she is bad/evil/a bully and deserves to be punished."

Bullying Myth #5
"Nobody has the right to bully my kid!" I will rescue my angelic child from the evil bullies.

Bullying Myth #6
"It is the teacher's fault and they have to protect my kid."

Bullying Myth #7
"My kids school has a school-wide anti-bullying program so they are safe and protected."

Bullying Myth #8
"We don't have a bullying problem in this school."

Bullying Myth #9
"Bullying toughens kids up and is good for them."

Bullying Myth #10
"It's the teachers job to stop bullying."

If you are teaching your child any of these misguided and risky techniques, you need to consider John Nottingham's BULLYPROOF VEST program.

Instead of escalating bullying behavior, you will learn de-escalating techniques that lead to positive, peaceful resolutions.

You will learn:

  • The reasons that ignoring bullying is dangerous and what message it can send to a child's peer group.
  • The problem with telling a teacher creates, especially when most bullying occurs out of sight of teachers.
  • The danger that walking away presents to your child's safety.
  • The fallacy of 100% protection.
  • The major problem of abdicating safety to teachers.
  • The danger of the blame game and how it can be putting your child at risk.
  • The research showing the failure of the school-wide anti-bullying programs and how it can put your kids at risk
  • Security theater vs protection and how you can cut through the nonsense.
Take action now.  Learn what Bodyguards do for protecting children.
Free Radio Interview "Bully Busters" Click Here
Listen to founder and Bullying Specialist John Nottingham
Discuss the USA Martial Arts & BullyProof Vest Anti-Bully Program on the
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