Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bullied Boy Transforms From Victim to Victor

Arizona Bullying Prevention Initiative
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Zachary Jameson felt "tortured" from his bullying experience.  Although he attended a private school and his father is a Police Officer, this tween felt the world caving in on him.

Diagnosed with Juevenile Arthritis, kids at his Atlanta school made fun of his legs.  Initially his parents were dismissive of the teasing thinking it was only kids trying to be funny.  It wasn't funny to Zach because he was contemplating suicide.

However this story has a different ending than many we've been seeing in the news.  Zach had the courage to tell his parents what he was feeling, resulting in a chain of events that would change his life for the better.

We at BullyProofing Phoenix believe that Zach's story stands as an example of hope and inspiration to parents, teachers, schools and children.

While the politically motivated "anti-bully" movement marches on in failure with the divisive, punitive approach and demonize children as bullies, other bullying prevention methods continue to prove successful.

Note the elements of a successful intervention, an example of my 3 Shields Strategy, in which the child targeted with bullying gets therapy, the bullying child is addressed and the social environment is transformed.   For long term success, the mind, body and spirit must be addressed.  Amid the noise of sensationalized media headlines, tragic alarmism, BPII/PBPP aim to bring you hope, truth, and clarity to help resolve the causes of bullying.
God bless you Zach and thank you for having the courage to accept help, tell your parents, and not give up.  You may be targeted with bullying but you do not have to be a permanent victim of it.  We would encourage you to study martial arts and build confidence, inner strength and additional skills to feel empowered to handle the challenges of the future.  You're worth fighting for and we know your story can inspire hope in others suffering in silence.

If you are being bullied like Zach was and need help, we want to help.  Visit us on facebook or email us at and we'll provide you with bodyguard tools to keep you safe and give you peace of mind.

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