Friday, May 4, 2012

Bullying Solutions For Teens - Anti-Bullying Behavior Options

Students bully in five basic ways:

1. Physical aggression: spitting, tripping, pushing, shoving, etc.
2. Social alienation: gossiping, spreading rumors, excluding from the
3. Group, publicly humiliating, etc.
4. Verbal aggression: name calling, teasing, etc.
5. Intimidation: playing a dirty trick, public challenge to do something,etc.
6. Sexual bullying - commenting on body parts, calling gay etc.

Targets can try HA HA SO for dealing with bullies.
* Not every one works in every situation.

H Help. Seek help from peers and/or an adult. 
[NOTE: BPII/ABPP do not advocate telling as a first step because it has a tendency to escalate the bullying behavior.  You want to avoid a reputation as a tattle tale or show signs of vulnerability by what could be perceived as retaliation by getting them in trouble.  However, each situation is different and should be treated according to the individual's needs.  BPII/ABPP usually recommends trying to make friends first by a show of inner-strength, centered calm and kindness.]
A Assert yourself. Look the bully in the eye and tell them to stop. Keep it short.
"I don't like it when you do that, please stop."

H Humor. Respond with a remark to make the bully laugh.
A Avoid. Walk away, stay with others, not alone.

S Self-talk. Put on a tape in your own mind that says nice things to yourself so the bully doesn't get to you.
O Own it. Own the put-down (agree with it) to throw the bully off.

What not to do. Do NOT react emotionally. Don't show strong emotions in front of the bully which will excite the bully more.

*The HAHASO strategy was developed by the Bully Project and set forth in Bully-Proofing Your School, which can be obtained from Sopris West Publishing at

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