Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Secret of Stopping a Bully Without Getting In Trouble for Fighting

Attention Kids:

Sick and Tired of Being Bullied?
Are you being teased, picked on, tormented, called names and bossed around?

If I could show you how to STOP A BULLY FAST and do it without getting in trouble for FIGHTING would you want me tell you about it?

Before you click away or get distracted, take just a moment to read on.  This isn't a trick or sales pitch.  I won't try to sell you anything and I promise not to waste your time.

Most bullying has a really simple solution.  Notice I said simple - not easy.  Take just a moment and watch this video...

You are good. You are worthy. You are valuable. There is not another human being on the face of this Earth that is like you.  You were put on this Earth for a special purpose that nobody is ever going to fulfil. That's how valuable you are. - Joy Berry, How to Handle a Back to School Bully
I hope you enjoyed that message of encouragement and hope with Ms. Berry.  She's right.  You are unique and valuable!

So here's the secret to stopping most bullying fast...

Inner strength.

You show inner strength when you can make friends of your enemies.
You show inner strength when you can ignore or turn insults into jokes everyone (including the person teasing you) can enjoy.
You show inner strength when you can stand up tall for yourself, look them in the eye and say, STOP!
You show inner strength when you choose not to get angry, upset or fight.
You show inner strength when you can ask for help when you need it.
You show inner strength when you stand up for others.

Watch a kid who was bullied and then showed inner-strength here

If you practice inner strength it will grow stronger.  It's like a muscle and the more you use and exercise it, the stronger it becomes.  Remember how valuable and unique that you are.  If you need help with these then ask your parent, school teacher or counselor for help.  You can have fun role playing it until you feel strong and ready.  

You can do it!

Hope and help are available if you want it.  You're not alone.  You're worth fighting for.  

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