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Bullied? I'll Help You End Bullying By Using Bodyguard Techniques.

Bodyguard Help For Bullied Kids and Teens 
Bullies, Bullying and The Bullied
A bodyguard, law enforcement and military trainer and shares practical advice and solutions to end bullying.  Free scholarships to bullying prevention workshops and Bullying Specialist centers.

Being the target of bullying sucks.  I know.  I put up with it for years and will never forget the pain, frustration, confusion, and feeling of being trapped.  It got to the point that I hated going to school or anywhere that would put me back in that horrible position of being bullied.

Bullied?      I'll Teach You How To Fight Bullying The Smart Way
I feel for you.  What if there were a way to make it stop and feel good about yourself again?  What if I could show you how to change how people see you and treat you?  I can.  I'll show you the same steps I took to end bullying in my life.  I've done it for thousands of other kids, teens and even adults.

The Bullying Can End 
It works and I'll show you how.  The only thing that I ask is that you promise to play full out and give 100% to this process.  That means you aren't going to hurt yourself or seek revenge on those who are being mean to you.  You can't bail out when it gets a little rough or scary.  There are no guarantees that this will work perfectly but I've helped thousands of others just like you and haven't failed yet (Thank God.).  I'm going to be your partner, your friend and adviser bodyguard. (Since I can't be there to personally protect you, you'll have to be a good student and be ready to use your mind and do some training.  Don't worry, its not impossible, you can do it and maybe even have fun in the process.)

This Bullying Prevention Method Works
It will work and the steps are simple, but it wont be easy.  If someone tells you that it will be easy, they are lying to you.  Those are probably the same people who told you they would help and haven't.  What I will say is that it is easier than getting picked on everyday.  It is easier than feeling like crap inside and sick to your stomach from fear and anxiety.  You can do this and I'll help.

Your first step is to contact me at info@usa-martialarts.com and read up a bit on me to know who is your new friend and in your corner http://JohnNottingham.com.  I am going to be your friend and guide. You'll work with me directly - anonymously if you must.  You just have to be honest so that I can help you.  I'll need to know your situation and what is going on.
Tell me:

  • What is going on and a bit about yourself (age range and a nick name you want me to call you is fine - don't give detailed personal information to anyone online.)
  • How long has it been going on?
  • What you've tried to do to stop the bullying?
  • Who is picking on you?
  • Why you think they are bullying you?
  • Whom you have told and asked for help?
  • Your written promise not to harm yourself or seek revenge on those bullying you (I only train good people who need help.) Example: "I promise not to harm myself or seek revenge on those bullying me.  I will follow the steps and do the practice. Signed, your new friend: Joshua"

Free Bullying Help  
Right away I'll send you a guide, an audio interview and some links to get immediate access to bullying prevention tips that work.  These won't be things your teacher will tell you.  These are based on the same techniques and strategies I teach bodyguards, law enforcement and military to use to save lives.  I have thousands of students who have used this techniques over the last 26 years and you can too!  I'm confident that I can help you but I need make sure so email me your situation (You can even create an alias and separate email account to protect your identity and keep things confidential.) .  I look forward to helping you.  I'll be your BullyProof coach and help you earn a BullyProof Vest.  Take heart and have hope.  You are far more powerful and valuable than you can imagine.

With respect and optimism,

John Nottingham
Bullying Prevention Initiative International | Arizona Phoenix Bullying Prevention Project
USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing
Nottingham Sword & Shield Security Bodyguards

PS Even if you're not in Arizona, I will still help you.  I have friends and resources all over the US, Canada and even Korea and China.  I'll find a way to help if I can.  There is hope and you're worth fighting for.

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