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BULLY FREE Event for School Children in Phoenix Arizona

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Sponsored by The Arizona Bully Intervention Initiative - Bully Proof Project

On each Wednesday evening in the month of March, USA Martial Arts Phoenix will be hosting a series of free “Bully Busters - How To Turn Bullies Into Buddies” seminar for children, in order to demonstrate methods of defending and defusing potential situations involving bullies. Participants will be taught how to "Deter, Detect, Deflect and Defend" themselves against abuse from other children using Verbal Judo diffusion techniques, recognizing warning signs early, and brains over brawn violence-prevention social skills.
"The battle avoided cannot be lost." -Caine from the TV series Kung Fu quoting Sun Tzu

The message USA Martial Arts Phoenix staff teaches is that “the highest goal of the martial artist is to prevent violence before it starts”. Other practical lessons from martial arts wisdom include,
"Who is mighty? One who can make friends out of enemies." 
The students will practice various methods of practical and proper use of last resort self defense (only what is necessary to keep from being injured and escape) during the seminar, and afterward will earn a certificate recognize the completion of their training. Interested students will have the option of continuing their education by enrolling for membership at the martial arts school at introductory rates.

Your child may be a target for bullying but they do not have to be a victim.  Unlike other programs promoting "anti-bully" themes in which children are labeled weak self pitying "victims", our program promotes individual responsibility, empowerment and learning skills that can help a child for life. There is hope!  
  • Our three pronged Bullying Intervention approach treats the targeted child of bullying, the bullying behavior as well as the social environment enabling bullying.  
  • Our 5 step How to Turn a Bully into a Buddy process encourages strong social skills, confidence building and uses common sense before self defense. Unlike other programs, we'll actually show your child simple and effective "last resort" defensive techniques in case they are physically attacked.
  • Children enjoy the exciting martial arts format and learn that they can avoid a fight and still walk away with dignity like a Black Belt.
  • Children learn the 3 Shields Strategy and "Bullying Word Blocks" from Verbal Judo, using humor, fear management skills.
  • Other children learn the value of being a "Hallway Hero" and "Protector Pal"
  • This AZ Bullying Prevention Program avoids the political labeling and the failing mindset of "BAD BULLY", "HELPLESS VICTIM" and reveals the danger posed to children in having politically motivated "zero tolerance" policies that lack common sense. The research will shock you.
  • Unlike other Bully programs, this one is designed to protect children, rather than only protect the schools and administrators from legal liability (although it will do that too).
  • Prevents blame shifting from children, parents, teachers and school administration by promoting responsibility, communication, mutual respect and common sense problem solving.
  • Gives hurting people the help, compassion and resources they need to change it.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix AZ is committed to community awareness, working in tandem with our local schools and through community events, in order to promote a safe environment for our children.

For more information on how your child can learn our proven method to prevent bullying contact:
The Arizona Bullying Intervention Initiative
Bully Prevention Program "How To Stop Bullying"
USA Martial Arts Phoenix
4731 E. Greenway Rd. Suite 9
Phoenix, Arizona 85032

Sponsors: Phoenix Arizona Scottsdale Arizona Phoenix Arizona Antioch Illinois
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