Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Ryan Halligan Story - Arizona Bully Intervention Project

Ryan was bullied.  He reached out for help and did what people told him.  He asked his Dad if he would teach him to fight so he could defend himself.  His father, much like any loving Dad, took his son into the basement, put on the boxing gloves and taught him what he knew about dealing with bullies.

What Ryans parents did not know was the the depth of the battle going on inside their boy.  Tormented by ongoing bullying at school, then later online through cyberbullying, Ryan suffered and felt he had no escape - no alternatives.  Ryan Halligan committed suicide by hanging himself.  Now his father speaks to school children all over the country and delivers his message of hope and love to all children who feel like his son.

Friends, there is hope.  You may have tried other things, you may feel trapped right now but there are people who care and tools to help you make this stop.

The Arizona Bully Initiative is a Bully Intervention Project that provides education, public speaking, tools, information and resources to help stop bullying.

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