Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MMA Fighting Legend Frank Shamrock Launches Anti-Bullying Campaign

Arizona Bully Proof Training is a proud supporter of Stand Together, an anti-bullying campaign started by UFC and Strikeforce legend Frank Shamrock.  After retiring from professional mixed martial arts fighting in June of 2010, Frank has been busy promoting his newest endeavor, Stand Together.

His tagline, "Stand Together With Me Against Bullying" capitalizes on his public persona and celebrity status to spread the word about stopping bullying.

Formerly fighting in the cage, Mr. Shamrock is now fighting to raise awareness about the problem of bullying. We Stand Together Against Bullying founded by Frank Shamrock, is an international non-profit campaign to combat bullying around the world.

According to, Shamrock had spent most of the last decade in one institutionalized setting or another, whether it was group homes, youth crisis centers, or prison. His adopted father, Bob Shamrock, pointed him in the direction of the Lion's Den, then an unknown gym for a mostly unknown sport, and run by Frank's adopted older brother Ken. The first day Shamrock walked in the door, he was told he'd be getting a "tryout."  

He would go on to stardom as a 5 time World Champion and be one of the most winning MMA fighters of the next decade.  But there is more to this man than cage fighting and muscles.

"If we all Stand Together: there will be no Bullies in our world." - Frank Shamrock, UFC Champion
You can visit the Stand Together website here and watch videos of some of todays most popular Mixed Martial Arts Fighters taking a stand against bullying.
Stand Together Website with Online Resources
Mr. Shamrock also has a Facebook page where he encourages you to speak up and share their experiences with bullying.
Facebook Stand Together 

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