Saturday, March 24, 2012

Not Anti-Bully - BullyProof ! The Bullying Prevention Program for the Underdog

Bullying Prevention for The Underdog Kid
Humble, lovable shoeshine boy was actually UNDERDOG. If your child is a kindhearted kid who follows the rules and has a sensitive disposition, then school, camp and life can be a rough place. The definition of underdog usually describes a participant in a fight, conflict, or game who is not expected to win.  If your child feels like this when facing aggressive behavior, bullying, insults, teasing or getting picked on then this is your answer.

"Teaching Kids How to NOT Be a Victim!"

Does Your Child Sometimes Feel Like a Bullied Underdog?
The good news is that a new program gives nice kids the tools to stand up to bullying the smart way - without fighting or getting into trouble. The Arizona Bullying Intervention Initiative - The Phoenix Bullying Prevention Project helps BULLYPROOF nice kids and prepare them for those unpleasant encounters with bullying.

This program teaches children how to:
  • Stand tall and not be afraid
  • Know what to do with bullying
  • Know when to take action against bullying
  • Know how to deal with bullying, rudeness, harassment and torment
  • Earn the respect of peers
  • Win friends and change other people's perceptions
  • Live fearlessly with peace of mind
If these are skills you want your child to have then you need to contact John Nottingham at the The Arizona Bullying Intervention Initiative - The Phoenix Bullying Prevention Project without delay.

Bullying Specialist John Nottingham has brought together his best resources from his Bodyguard Security company and USA Martial Arts schools to offer free bullying prevention training to children free of charge.

What you will get:
  1. A free Bullying Prevention Training Course - How To Defeat Bullying The Smart Way
  2. A free How To Deal With Bullying Guide and Parent's Guide to Bullies, Bullying and Bad Behavior
  3. A free Audio BullyBusters Interview answering tough questions on Bullying

Contact to register without delay.

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