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How To Stink at Being Bullied - Bodyguard Tips for Handling Bullies

How To Stink at Being Bullied...
A Bodyguard Trainer and Martial Arts Master Reveals 8 Secrets to Stink at Being a Bully's Target

It really stinks to be bullied.  But bullying back is the last thing you want to do.  Fighting isn't the answer either because that just makes you a bigger bully and it causes more problems than it solves.

Here are some tips to avoid being a good target for bullying.  Be a BAD target for a bully.  In the bodyguard world, we call this being a hard target.  That is, a difficult to get to and attack target.

1. Avoid trouble people.  Listen, watch and pay attention to situations so you can learn how to avoid trouble.

2. Avoid problem spots.  Change routes, times and places.

"The best block... Don't be there!" -Martial Arts Maxim

3. Travel in groups.  You have power in numbers - especially if they are your friends.

4. Have a great sense of humor.  Humor is disarming and can deflect lots of negative attacks and earn the respect of would be harassers and bullies.   Just make sure your humor isn't antagonistic or it could escalate the situation and make it worse.  Make it funny for the person bullying and you may have won a friend.

Bully comeback line:
Bully: "Your hair looks stupid."   
Answer: "Great, I'm joining a bad hair contest so I should win! Sweeeet!"

5. Carry yourself with calm confidence and do not react to bullying taunts with anything that could be perceived as weakness.  Even shouting a strong, "STOP!" or "NO! That's not cool." might work.  Make sure your body language, tone, eye-contact and word choice project strength.

Verbal Judo Bully Comeback Line:
"If a teacher hears you talking like that you'll be in serious trouble.  I don't want that so lets just be friends."

6. Tell right away if you are having trouble and they are continuing to target you.  Tell until you get the help you need but don't think that will perfectly fix the situation.  Keep your mental, emotional and physical guard up.  You're worth defending and protecting.

7.  Be friendly back.  Sometimes kindness kills rudeness.  Be a friend until the point when you can't.  Then it's time to tell.  Remember that there is a difference between telling and tattling.  Telling is meant to help someone.  Tattling is meant to get back at someone and is just another form of bullying.  Tattling usually makes things worse.  Plus less people will believe you.  Telling the right people will make things better.  Tell your parents, teachers, friends and trusted adults like a coach.

8. Join martial arts and be so busy working on yourself and building your confidence that you don't have time to worry about the other junk.  Plus you will learn good skills for carrying yourself with inner-strength, social skills to make good friends, and practical self defense.  Nothing beats bullying like a Black Belt... nothing.

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