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Tips To Fight Bullies - Anti-Bullying Help

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How To Stop Bullying
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Four Tips to Fight Against Bullies!
Nobody likes to be picked on. Here are four tips for your child to use to fight against bullies.

What can you do when being bullied? 

First realize that there is a big difference between fighting and self defense.  When you think of fighting first, you are already headed for trouble.  Instead, physical self defense of blocking or stopping an attack is the last resort and only used after every other option has been exhausted.

Bullying is a broad term that is used by some to describe a wide variety of behaviors.  Most bullying is a power play that seeks a reaction, usually from someone who will respond like victim and play out a role.  If you refuse this role, often the person bullying will seek a different target.  They may test you again from time to time, but usually it ends if you show strength by not responding how they want, staying centered and calm or having a sense of humor.

Start by trying to be friends or just avoiding the situations that seem to go bad.  Stay away from the problem people or areas and try to change the situation if you can.  When that doesn't work, you're going to have to summon some inner-strength.  (That's why we recommend martial arts training for confidence. )  You can practice your comeback lines and body language with a friend, family or trusted person and really get into it to make it real.  But remember, it's not what you do, it is how you do it.  Make it real and be ready to back it up.

  • Speak up against bullying. Say something like, “stop it.”
  • Use Verbal Judo "Talking like that can get you into a lot of trouble and I don't want to see that happen. Let's be friends and keep it cool."
  • Don't react and leave. Act like you do not care, even if you really do.
  • Tell an adult you trust. They may have ideas about what you can do.
  • Stick together. Staying with a group might help.   

Become Your Own Bullying Bodyguard Role Play From Nottingham's BullyProof VestBullying Trap "You're Stupid!"Verbal Judo Bullying Comeback Line: "You Can Think Whatever You Want." 
Bullying Escalation "You're Such an Idiot!"
Verbal Judo Bullying Comeback Line: "You Offering To Tutor Me?" 

Refuse To Be a Bullying Victim!
Remember, it's not what you say but how you say it. Your response needs to be centered, strong and calm without showing that it can bother you. By keeping your cool and showing they can't bother you, then you keep the power. Refuse to be a victim. Practice your tone, body language and internal dialog (what you say to yourself.)The response should be deadpan and relaxed. Keep your cool and dignity.

Things to remember...

You are not alone.
It is not your fault. Bullying is wrong - but it happens!
Talk to someone you trust. Keep telling until you get help.
Do not hurt yourself.  It can and will get better.
Do not bully anyone else.  This attracts more problems and makes it worse.
Do not let the bully win by giving up. Keep doing what you love to do.
Build yourself up to be strong and prepared.  

For cyber-bullying, online bullying, texting bullies, or social media bullying try to document the evidence like a detective and turn it in to prove your point and get help.

For more information on bullying prevention or how to deal with a bully the smart way contact:

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