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Beat Bullies With Peaceful Martial Arts Moves

Phoenix Arizona Martial Arts Instructor John Nottingham is teaching his Karate Kids to Beat Bullying With Peaceful Martial Arts Moves.

Bullycide, Cyber-Bullying, Bully Revenge
The outcry has across the country and even around the world is about bullying.  The amount of attention bullying is receiving is unprecedented.  While school-wide programs are adopted and some clearly continue to fail students, a martial arts instructor and bodyguard trainer offers a different approach.

"When children are not given appropriate options, they resort to the only options they come up with....all too often horrific ones.  Instead, we advocate giving them peaceful martial arts moves to empower them to address bullying appropriately.  We have the moves and it can be taught.  The fears of increased liability are unfounded in my view.  in fact, it is just the opposite.  What is the liability socially, morally and legally for a child committing suicide or going on a school shooting rampage? What is the responsibility for a child going overboard and using excessive force on another child because they were pushed over the edge?  If we fail to read the signs, accept responsibility and reality, these are the consequences."

An Alternative Approach To Bullying Prevention
More and more research is coming in as schools implement bullying prevention programs.  The reviews are mixed but one thing John Nottingham can tell you is that he is seeing the kids and their parents who fall through the cracks and need practical help with bullying.

"I see the students and parents who schools have failed.  These parents are desperately seeking solid answers to their children's bullying problems.  We have answers that most schools simply fail to provide.", says Nottingham, founder of the Bullying Prevention Initiative International.

False Assumptions Lead to Failed Results in Stopping Bullying
Most schools operate under the false assumption that rules protect children.  While they certainly can help in the process of preventing bullying, policies and rules are only one aspect of the issue.  The real issue is the children and their self defense competence.

Bullying Fact: Over 85% of bullying goes unreported.

Here some things we do that are different about our bullying prevention methods:
How To Stop Bullying 
We address the full spectrum of self defense including:

  • How to avoid being selected as a bullying or crime target
  • Knowledge and warning signs of how  bullying behavior starts
  • How to avoid trouble spots, common bullying locations, set ups and recognize trouble behavior and situations
  • Actionable steps to divert a pathway to crime or bullying
  • Verbal Judo skills to thwart bullying or ward off an attack
  • Physical intervention options to peacefully resolve attacks without excessive force
  • The important elements of aftercare and protecting your body, mind and emotional health
  • The importance of speaking up for others and how to offer bullying first aid by being a friend, inclusive and showing empathy

  • "Which would you rather have.  Skills for children to know how to properly deter, discourage, or even pin and hold down a bully until help arrives or the alternative... becoming depressed and so desperate that they feel they have no alternative but to hurt themselves or go on a shooting spree.  We offer hope.  We can give them tools to get help and take positive action if needed that protects all children involved.  Physical intervention does not mean violence.  But it will if we don't provide them with alternatives.  We have to get past this ignorant, failed and ridiculous ideology.  Sometimes life calls for physical action options.  Better to know them and not need them, than need them and not know them." says Nottingham.

    Nottingham doesn't stop there.  His bullying prevention program also addresses:

    • Teacher Training and Parent Training to know how, when and what to listen for from children.  
    • Warning signs of bullying.  
    • How to know if it is continuing and why children will often conceal bullying.

    Maybe it is time to broaden our discussion and research on Bullying to include some more practical options. Nottingham says that peace is sometimes won in ways other than denial, abdication, posting signs, making more rules, laws, wishful thinking and reporting.

    To learn more about the Bullying Prevention Programs John endorses or his training organization and programs contact:

    Arizona Bullying Prevention Initiative The Phoenix Bully Proof Project FACEBOOK
    Bully Proof Arizona BLOG
    Bullying Prevention Initiative International FACEBOOK
    Bullying Prevention World BLOG
    For a free radio interview with Bully Busting tips click here

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