Sunday, March 13, 2011

Be Your Own Bully Guard - Wear Your Bully Proof Vest!

“Putting an End to Children's Bullying Conflicts” 

Does Your Child Have a BULLYPROOF Vest?

The Schoolyard Bullying Solution

Phoenix Arizona Martial Arts Master John Nottingham and his team of Black Belt instructors are teaching an evidence based new technique for dealing with bullying.  It's called THE BULLY-PROOF VEST.  Developed in 1992, it has been continually updated and refined to include cyber-bullying and other current trends.   The Bully Proof Vest program teaches children the skills they need for HOW TO DEAL WITH BULLYING - often without fighting or violence.  

How To Deal With Bullying Behavior
Nottingham says his approach is highly practical, unlike some of the other academic and politically motivated "anti-bully" programs out there.  Furthermore it does not send mixed messages to children about dangerous situations.  It is a common sense approach to protecting children and equipping them with the tools they need to detect, deter, de-escalate and defend themselves.

We Don't Promote Dangerous Unpractical Myths As "Just Walk Away" or "Just Ignore It".  Those misguided approaches have caused children to be hurt.  Denial is never a sound self defense strategy. Instead we prepare children to recognize, predict and prevent bullying situations from starting - many times by befriending the child engaged in bullying behavior.
Nottingham, owner of Nottingham Sword & Shield Security, and USA Martial Arts has over 25 of experience helping thousands of boys and girls successfully deal with bullying.  He developed The Arizona Bullying Intervention Initiative - The AZ Bully Prevention Project to teach children, parents and teachers bodyguard skills to prepare, prevent bullying and promote peaceful resolutions to conflict.  

We accomplish this without encroaching on constitutional free speech rights, nor by vilifying children with labels such as "bully".  Bullying is a behavior, a cry for help from a child.  Our approach helps children learn life skills and lessons that will not only help them have more confidence in resolving bullying situations but help keep them safe for the rest of their lives.   

Nottingham and representatives from his Bodyguard group and Black Belts from his school are offering a series of FREE Bully Proof Vest Workshops for Phoenix Arizona Children, Parents and Teachers.  

Be Your Own Bully Guard - Wear Your Bully Proof Vest!
"We're providing information from the protective fields from which they would normally never have access.  The Bully Proof Vest program teaches a highly effective and proven 3 pronged, 5 step method.  It includes what we call THE THREE SHIELDS, as part of a childs vest.  It protects from the various kinds of bullying and helps children put things into perspective to ACT rather than REACT.", said Nottingham

For more information contact:
The Arizona Bullying Intervention Initiative
AZ Bully Prevention Project "Bully Proofing Arizona Kids!"
Does Your Child Have a BullyProof Vest?
4731 E. Greenway Suite 9
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
Telephone (602) 896-8721

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