Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Living Life Proud and Free of Bullying - The Arizona Bully Guard - Bully Proof Phoenix-

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Do YOU Want to be CONFIDENT That Your Child is Trained the BEST WAY to Handle a Bully?

Let's face it, Bullying is being reported to have become EPIDEMIC!  Is it true?  Ever since the school shootings at Columbine were linked to Bullying, numerous groups and media have been promoting fear and sensational reports about bullying, causing anxiety that isn't based on the whole story.

The truth is that most of what parents and teachers have been mislead to believe isn't the whole picture.  Bullying itself is NOT the reason for mass school shootings, suicides and other horrific events.  Millions of children have been bullied without ever going on a school shooting rampage or harming themselves.  However, bullying may be a component trigger if coupled with other risk factors.  Do you know what those other factors are?  If you would like to learn the undistorted facts and research that will affect your child when it comes to bullying then you will love this program.

This Bullying Solutions program:

  • Uses time tested common sense that produces results
  • Has developed a training method based on research - not politically motivated feel-good intentions
  • Avoids vilifying children with harmful labels such as "anti-bully" (we are never anti-children and must remain objective, seeing bullying as a behavior in order to solve the problems associated with bullying.)
  • Protects our very American rights and values of free speech
  • Does not bubble wrap children with over protective mothering
  • Promotes personal development, life skills, responsibility and peace
  • Seeks to educate rather than legislate solutions in our community
  • We'll teach your child how to turn a bully into a buddy!

From Physical Bullying, Mental Bullying, Emotional Bullying or Cyber Bullying, this training from the AZ Bullying Prevention Initiative will provide age appropriate solutions to children of Arizona.

Phoenix AZ based teachers are available for presentations, assemblies, school talks for large or small groups for Grade School Bullying, Middle School Bullying, and High School Bullying.

AZ BULLYING SOLUTIONS trainers have been teaching and refining these Bullying Prevention and Management Methods, teaching the ABC's of conflict avoidance and practical self defense for over 20 years - long before the media hype.  These strategies have been proven to work for THOUSANDS of children all over the world.

Children, parents and teachers learn how to deal with bullies:

  • Detect, Deflect, Diffuse, Defend
  • The 3 Shields of How to Handle Bullying
  • The worst thing to ever do in a Bullying situation
  • The most important thing to do when being bullied

When: Every Wednesday in the month of March
Where: USA Martial Arts Phoenix - Tatum & Greenway
Cost: Fully sponsored - no charge to parents
How: Call or click on the links below to sign up

The Arizona Bullying Intervention Initiative 
The Arizona Bully Proof Project - Bully & Victim Proofing AZ Children
4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
Telephone 602-896-8721

The Arizona Bullying Intervention Initiative | The Arizona Bully Prevention Project - Peaceful, Positive Persuasion
Evidence-based life skills training incorporating advanced threat assessment tools, evacuation techniques, physical intervention strategy, tactical communication, in an encouraging and entertaining format.

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