Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bully Proof Training - Arizona Bullying Prevention Initiative - A Mission For Peace of Mind


Arizona Bullying Intervention Initiative - The AZ Bullying Prevention Project is 
dedicated to improving the education and training of bullying dynamics and to 
reducing and resolving conflicts peacefully.  Furthermore we work to provide 
parents and children the peace-of-mind that comes from feeling prepared to 
effectively deal with situations which may lead to abuse or violence.  

The only research based model by professional protectors that teaches strategies to parents, teachers and children on how to effectively handle situations which may lead to abuse.  

The Arizona Bullying Intervention Initiative's purpose is to work with local agencies, school administration, teachers, parents and children to address bullying in our schools and community through education and training.

We provide advanced educational programs and resources to children, parents, educational institutions, companies and organizations. We make available effective learning and educational resources in order to help children, parents and teachers deal effectively and positively with the act of bullying and its potential long-lasting negative consequences.

Bullying is often considered the number one non-academic issue that most educators face today, yet many educators have never taken a Professional course about bullying during their teacher training at university or during their time in the field. For those who do, most never receive training from protection professionals that deal with researched based solutions for last resort physical intervention.  Put simply, most other bullying programs leave out critical, self defense steps - when prevention fails.  

According to recent research, Bullying is typically one of the top education concerns of many parents. Scared kids can never reach their potential as learners in school or as citizens of our communities. Learn how to change this! Take one of our unconventional, research-based courses, or view one of our presentations.

We offer presentations about bullying, cyberbullying, cyberparenting, conflict avoidance, tactical communication (verbal judo), diffusion and de-escalation, evacuation escape tactics, workplace harassment and related issues for youth, parents, educators and the general public. All of our presentations are multimedia, interactive presentation format and conducted in person, are age specific and will dovetail with policies, procedures and liability guidelines.

Arizona Bullying Intervention Initiative
USA Martial Arts Phoenix
4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9-10
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
Telephone 602.896.8721

Arizona Bullying Prevention blog
USA Martial Arts Website

Encouraging the good, the noble, the powerful and positive in children. 

Here is the blog dedicated to the subject of bullying in Arizona. Parents, teachers and children can find information, statistics and resources to arm them with knowledge and techniques to successfully deal with bullying.

Bully Proof Vest - Bully Solutions Workshops & Kids Camps

Free Bully / Victim Proofing workshop by appointment at USA Martial Arts Phoenix at Tatum & Greenway in Phoenix/Scottsdale/PV. To register, simply email or call 602-896-8721. It's fully sponsored by Nottingham Sword & Shield Security/ and USA Martial Arts Phoenix.

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