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Got a Bullying Problem? We Can Help You Stop The Bully

Got a Bullying Problem? We Can Help You Stop The Bully
By John Nottingham, EPS The Bullying Prevention Project Bullying Intervention Initiative
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Got a Bullying Problem You Need Help With? We Can Help You With Your Bullying Problem and Show You That There Is Hope!

Does another kid push, poke, hit, pinch, punch, trip or threaten you? Does a kid harass you and say mean things over and over?  If so, you may have a bullying problem.

Does someone bug you, tease you, call you names, leave you out, or spread rumors about you? You may have a bullying problem. The good news is that you are not alone.  Lots of other kids have been in your shoes. Never fear, you can stand up to bullies if you know what to do.

  •  Try to talk it out. Say, “Why are you being mean to me?”  or "Stop, I don't like that."
  •  Get away and stay away from the bully.
  •  Speak up. Say, “Stop picking on me!” and do it with confidence and eye contact.
  •  Make a joke. If you say something funny, even about yourself, the bully might laugh and forget to pick on you.
  •  Buddy up and stay with your friends.
  •  Ask a parent, teacher or adult for help.

Be a Friend!  Be a Hero!
Do you know someone who has a bully? Well, you can help. Did you know that most of the time when a kid steps in bullying stops? 

Here are some things you can do to help someone else being bullied.
- If you see someone being picked on, be a friend and walk away from the bully together.
- If you have a friend who bullies, take a stand and tell your friend to stop 
- If you know someone that gets picked on, ask the kid to play with you.
- Get your friends to come with you when you help someone being bullied.

If someone is hurting a kid, tell an adult.

Watch a Free Bully Video Here from our friend McGruff

USA Martial Arts is hosting Bully Prevention Workshops once again help combat the ever-changing problem faced by our children. Come join us for this FREE presentation. Email or call 602-896-8721 for more info and to sign up. You must be pre-registered to attend. We look forward to seeing all of you there. Bring a friend!

* Source: with modifications from John Nottingham

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